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The Mississippi is a big, long river. We're only covering about half of it -- the part from the Quad Cities to the Twin Cities, the same part visited during the Grand Excursion of 1854.

We have a lot of stories to tell. And a lot of businesses have expressed interested in helping us. But some just can't afford the large sums required to be an underwriter for the program.

Not only that, but we find it's impossible to include every great Mississippi story we have encountered in a single, one-hour television program.

The solution? In addition to providing a small credit in the show for each business that helps us out, we're using the Back On The Mississippi Web pages to extend our limits. Plus, we have developed a sponsorship package that helps these businesses take better advantage of their association with the program, through the use of posters, handouts, publicity releases, and other promotional aids tailored to their individual needs.

In addition to the book that is now being written, the related Web site will offer further observations and fuller explorations of the tales told in the television program (and a few other items to boot), available only on the Web.

To support our efforts in creating and maintaining the Web site, and to aid us in building a better television program, we are calling for the help of any and all Mississippi-minded businesses and individuals. We're looking for small pledges. They can be in the traditional form -- money -- or as payment in kind.

We're excited to have the support of a surprising number of businesses along the river. Most of our food and lodging has been covered! This participation on the part of our Wonderful Web Sponsors shows a community spirit that goes well beyond the goods and services they provide. Money can't buy this kind of enthusiasm and support!

We could still use a couple of meals, gas, and some supplies. If you are interested in helping, please send email to Paul Markland for more information.

It's a great way to associate yourself or your company with a television program that is sure to turn heads when it airs in 2004 ... and long after, as it makes its way around the world in video and DVD form. Plus, you'll get a listing and a Web page, as well as a link to any existing Web page you have, here on our heavily promoted Web site. Ask Paul for information on the full promotional package, and start getting the rewards of the publicity for your business now!

Back On The Mississippi takes you along on a journey sure to be enjoyed by thousands of interesting people. And our Web Sponsor program will direct those same people to your virtual door.