December Partner Profile:
Back on the Mississippi

This is the third in a series of guest columns submitted by Saint Paul and Minneapolis Grand Excursion 2004 partners to provide expanded information about project plans and organizational activities. Chuck Strinz, writer and producer for Back On The Mississippi, is the guest writer. For information: contact Paul Markland at, phone 651/488-8069 or fax 651/452-3588.

Back On The Mississippi
Hidden Trails, Offbeat Tales

The spiral bridge of
Hastings, Minnesota.
Gone forever...
or is it?
The spirit of discovery drove the original Grand Excursion in 1854. That same spirit is alive and well in a new, one-hour television program scheduled for release in 2004.

Back On The Mississippi – Hidden Trails, Offbeat Tales reveals some of the more interesting oddities on the Mississippi’s shores. It ties the best of the past to the realities of the present, with a tone that is definitely on the offbeat side.

Find a lost culture in a huge park that's bearly ... er, barely known.
The program takes the viewer on a lively path back along one of the greatest rivers in the world. We’re ready to go. The gas tank is full. But first, we need the help of a few organizations with foresight, and the resources to assist in bringing this program to public television.

Did pollution spark the Blackhawk wars? It's a lead pipe cinch!
The crew is being assembled. Back On The Mississippi has been provisionally approved for broadcast on Twin Cities Public Television* at the height of the Grand Excursion 2004 celebration. Shooting is scheduled for summer of 2003.

The show is the work of Strinz Creative Inc. and ZIBI Video, LLC.* *

Strinz Creative is known for a wide variety of online services, television and radio programs, and print commentary on new and traditional media since 1983.

ZIBI Video is an award-wining digital production house recognized for many historical programs.

Atlantis. Comets. Three terms in Congress. America's most refined city that ever wasn't. And that's just a taste of Ignatius Donnelly's story.
A 10-minute introduction to Back On The Mississippi is now available for review by potential underwriters. If your organization believes in the mighty Mississippi and wants to help celebrate it in a way that is both memorable and educational, please call or send email soon.

For a synopsis of the program, visit Back on the Mississippi To view the demo tape, or for answers to any questions, please contact Paul Markland of Landmark Productions at, phone 651-488-8069 or fax 651-452-3588.

*Wisconsin Public Television, Iowa Public Television and Milwaukee Public Television have signed on since this was first published in December, 2002
* *Now incorporated as Back On The Mississippi, LLC