Back On The Mississippi is quite a trip.

The 60-minute program follows the route of the 1854 Grand Excursion, an almost-forgotten riverboat ride that was instrumental in "settling" the land west of the Mississippi River.

The Grand Excursion was a major event. It was also a big, rollicking party that included everyone from hundreds of common folk, to dozens of newspaper editors from around the world, even a former President of the United States.

Back On The Mississippi follows the same path, from the Quad Cities to the Twin Cities -- but on the shores, not the water. These days, we have roads to travel. And they lead to interesting places and things you would like to see and learn about, but probably haven't. Until now.

It's a tour of discovery, alike in spirit to the one taken a century and a half ago. Across the country, viewers of PBS affiliates are responding with high ratings ... and a chorus of responses like "I didn't know that!" and "Wow, that's cool!"

The back roads are the best roads.

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The driftless area -- grand canyon of the north


The following is a partial list of public TV affiliates that have scheduled or plan to schedule
Back On The Mississippi.
For dates and times, please call the public TV station
in your area.

*KTCA/KTCI Twin Cities Public Television (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN)

*Iowa Public Broadcasting (entire state of Iowa plus parts of South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri and Nebraska)

*KWCM Pioneer Public Television (Appleton, MN)

*KSMQ (Austin, MN)

*KAWE Lakeland Public Television (Bemidji, MN)

*WDSE (Duluth, MN)

*Prairie Public Television (entire state of North Dakota plus parts of South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana and Canada)

*WQPT Quad Cities Public Television (Moline, IL and Greater Quad Cities area)

*South Dakota Public Television (entire state of South Dakota)

*Nebraska Educational Television (entire state of Nebraska plus parts of South Dakota, Minnesota, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming and Iowa)

*Maryland Public Television (entire state of Maryland and surrounding areas)

*Kansas City Public Television (Greater Kansas City area)

*WCET Cincinnati Public Television (Greater Cincinnati area)

*KCET (Greater Saint Louis area)

*WKNO (Memphis, TN)

*KWSU-KNW-KSPS (Spokane, WA)

*Mississippi Educational Network (Mississippi & neighboring states)

*Wyoming Public TV (Riverston, WY)

*WSIU (Carbondale, IL)

*Ozarks Public Telecommunications (Springfield, MO)

*KUFM (Bozeman, MT)

*WXXI (Rochester, NY)

*KTNW (Vantage & Beverly, WA serving southern Washington & northern Oregon)

*KNMU (Marquette, MI serving the U.P. & NE Wisconsin)

*KTWU (Topeka, KS serving eastern Kansas, southeastern Nebraska & western Missouri )

*East Tennessee Public Television (Knoxville, TN)

*Wisconsin Public Television

*WGVU (Grand Rapids, MI)

*Arkansas Educational Television Network (serving greater Arkansas, eastern Texas, eastern Oklahoma, southern Missouri, western Tennessee, western Mississippi & northern Louisiana)

*WNMU (Marquette, MI serving the Upper Peninsula of Michigan & northern Wisconsin)

*KNTP (Nashville, TN serving mid Tennessee and southern Kentucky)

A classically recreated riverboat moves along the Mississippi near Mendota ('where the rivers meet')